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Day Nine: Ross-on-Wye to Taunton

Stats for the day:

  • 90 miles in about 6 and a half hours
  • Total ascent 3,900 feet
  • Saddle sore status: no longer an issue - skin in affected areas is like it has been tanned (in the leather sense of the word)
  • Motorist altercations: just the one, but a biggie - cut up intentionally by an idiot early on in the day
  • Maladies as reported below

Hello Charles here giving today’s update:

It was already very warm by the time we left the Premier Inn at Ross on Wye. Unusually we took a major ‘A’ Road the A40 from the hotel to Monmouth which was very busy with fast moving traffic, but most of the road is wide enough to accommodate two lanes plus bikes. A couple of tight sections were very nerve wracking and good to be away from the A40 and onto the Chepstow road. The road from Monmouth to Chepstow was just gorgeous; well shaded, smooth surfaced and steady climbs through beautiful countryside and villages. We met two end-to-end riders who were heading north to John o’Groats and swapped stories.

Bristol was busy and a little confusing but we found our way through it to the A38 South and on towards Taunton. As in Glasgow we were provided with alternative ‘better’ routes by local cyclists only to found out that a lot of local knowledge made them pretty much unfollowable. Lesson learnt: stick to plan - it works.

We found a great flat section of rood between Bristol and Bridgwater; 15 miles with virtually no climbs [Andy: according to the Garmin, no climb at all - altitude between 20 and 24 feet for the whole stretch - flatter than a pancake when it is just the meixture pured into a pan] just a nice steady 18mph! The hottest day yet today and a much needed rest at the end.

Cara and Steffi had fun at an amazing maze. They split up to find the pavilion in the centre as quickly as possible. Mummy won the game, although Cara got a little upset when she could not get to mummy although she could hear her right at the other side. Steffi rescued her and they competed at a game of mini golf before the usual rush in catching up with the boys to give them food. Cara was on top of the game there showing mummy how to putt!



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